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Menu and Usage

Sound On/Off :

You can turn sound on/off at the main menu screen. Touch speaker button at the bottom.
As you noticed, iPONPOKO is designed to play game listening Your iTunes music.
So you turn on your music before start iPONPOKO.

PLAY menu..

When you pressing 'PLAY' menu, you will get this screen.
At this screen, you can select the stages you want to play.
There are 3 tabs (categories) for stages. First GREEN one is Coon's Stage which is provided as built-in stages. Our developer designed those for you.

The Second tab is for the stages you designed.
After you break 10 stage, you can get a grant to access BUILD STAGE MENU.

The 3rd tab is for Downloaded stages.
You can download stages which others designed and posted to twitter.
At this tab, you can see the stages and play you've downloaded.
Downloading stage can be done. Even if you didn't play a stage.


If you've passed stage 10, you can see the stage list you built.
If nothing is listed there, just press "NEW" Button. (YES!! YES!! "Delete" buttons deletes stages.)

As you can see, It's very much intuitive, we think. If not, send us a suggestions.

Making Stage is Also very SIMPLE.
1. Select Item on left TOOLS list.
2. Touch stage where you want to place it.
3. If you want to delete certain item, select SECOND item-green boxed- to delete.
4. The "REPEAT" button at the bottom left makes you place item repeatedly. this is very useful when you clean items or placing fruit stage full.
5. "UNDO","REDO". Yes, Yes, it works as you thought.

6. "SAVE" menu reveals  the screen below. There is "TWEET STAGE" button on this screen.
7. Type in Title of Stage. (Please make it comprehensive to other tweet coon users.)
8. then Save the stage or Post the stage to Twitter as a tweet.

9. "TEST" button.
Before you post the stage, you need to pass that stage by your self.
That means, the stage you can pass can be posted.

I'm sure that you also enjoy this feature.


1. If you are already twitter user, choose "Twitter Account" tab to register your account to enable post your feedback and your own designed stage to twitter.
2. If you are not twitter user, consider have one. Otherwise, you are still able to download and play the stage posted by others. 

3. There are tabs, "Stage Tweets and Hot Stages". The former tab is for every stages posted. The other is for so called "Fun Stages". The hot stages will be posted by our staff who also plays and enjoys posted stages.

4. As you see, The same stage can't be downloaded again even if it is designed others. Check "* and Downloaded" mark at rows.

Your twitter account will always be show up to users before download and plays.
*Your Title will be shown at the start of the stage.

After finishing your stage, Users can send you a tweet if your stage was fun or not.
This tweet will remains in the users time line as a tweet. So that user can follow and send some feedback to the stage creator. That's the start of being friends.

Make friends who enjoys same game all over the world. We hope.....:)

One thing we have to tell you is ... Use other twitter clients or web, to see what happens to your twitter and Follow someone. (iPONPOKO is not designed to send normal tweets.  You only can post a tweet trails by score you've got, when you finished a stage.  ) 

Thanks .