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Game Play

Before you get started

Daring Raccoon has 60 Stages(+downloadble stages +custom stages)
First 10 stages can be passed by my wife with her one eye closed. They are that easy to pass.
But after 10 stage, The stage will not be easy any more.
Some stages may be annoying. Some stages may be un-breakable.
But all stages are tested and passed. So don't think the stage is unbreakable.

The Goal of the stage.

Simple.. Gather all fruits on the stage.

Oops... It's video for failure.... You may see other play videos at this LINK.

Daring Raccoon(a.k.a Coon)'s ability

Short Jump: 
- jumps short distance.
- press JUMP button only.

Long Jump:
- jumps long
- press directional keypad with JUMP button.
- can Step On one block higher.

-Climbs up/down ladder.

-After getting Wings item, ponpoko can fly. Just fall from the block then Coon starts to fly.
-during Flying , you can press JUMP key to go up.

Items and On Screen Menus

 "P" icon at the top left corner of the screen, shows you "Pause" menu screen.
"arrow" icon at the top right corner of the screen, zooms in and out the screen.

 Blue bug and Green bug
Green one is moving faster than blue one.
But Coon is faster than green

 Yello Snake 
Slowest bug in this game. It spawns when you eat certain Jars.

 Blue Snake
It flies Up and Down.

you need to jump over to pass by.

 Jar and  Fruits
Gives you points. Certain jar gives you Yellow Ducky.

Gives flying ability. It lasts only one stage.

Your adventure has begun. Good Luck!!!